“It is essential to move from the efforts of government officials to those of ordinary people, from the formal world of Track One diplomacy to Track Two diplomacy, in which non-governmental exchanges play a leading role.”
Nancy Snow, Foreign Policy In Focus a project of the Institute for Policy Studies

“Cultural diplomacy offers us a unique way to connect with people that we otherwise wouldn’ in particular transcends religious, political, and language divides in a way that nothing else does...”
Maura Pally, US State Department Acting Assistant Secretary of Educational and Cultural Affairs

“A cultural bridge, like any bridge, should be constructed out of the sturdiest material.  More Than Music teams, when bridging cultural gaps both locally and abroad take a service-oriented attitude with them, trusting that this foundational posture will allow a bridge to be built to last.  A concert or workshop is often paired with the giving away of instruments to gifted, under-resourced musicians.”   Dave LeMieux, More Than Music

Sound Diplomacy is an initiative to use the power of music, combined with acts of service and humility, to connect cultures and strengthen the world community.

Each Sound Diplomacy musical tour directly affects thousands of individuals in a given foreign region through concerts, clinics and instrument give-aways. The jazz, gospel and blues performances by Dave LeMieux and House of Soul represent a piece of a positive American legacy. The clinics allow for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the role of music and musicians in every society. The instrument drive and instrument give-aways involve the American private sector through donations, American and foreign public sectors through efforts to identify instrument recipients and most importantly, foreign musicians on the receiving end of generosity who will, in turn, influence others with the music they play. The end result of each tour will be more positive cultural exchange and a meaningful connection between ordinary people.